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Guarantee policy

Appliances repair of all major brands. A/C installation and maintenance services

Appliance Kingdom grants guarantees based on the following policy:

  1. One (1) Year Warranty to residential customers;
  2. Ninety (90) Days Warranty on commercial customers.  
  3. Warranty is valid on installed parts that have been purchased through the company.  
  4. Parts that bear warranty will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Appliance Kingdom.
  5. This Warranty is not transferable.
  6. The Warranty is only valid if the repair is performed by Appliance Kingdom service technicians.
  7. The Warranty  is void if proper routine maintenance is not done according to manufacturer’s maintenance guide.
  8. Appliance Kingdom reserves the right to void the warranty due to not being provided with up to date maintenance records.
  9. Grease build-up voids the warranty.
  10. Improper usage of the appliance automatically voids the warranty.
  11. Warranty is void on relocated appliances.
  12. No warranty on damage caused by external problems or interference by anyone else (other than Appliance Kingdom technicians) sensing or tampering with the repair.
  13. The Warranty  is not applicable to the following parts: discontinued or obsolete parts, refrigerants, filters, access valves, fuses, wires.
  14. Appliance Kingdom is not responsible for any damage caused by appliance malfunction.
  15. Appliance Kingdom is not responsible for loss of food or other perishables.
  16. Appliance Kingdom is not responsible for any floor, cabinet, counter damage or water leakage when repairing and/or removing your appliance by Appliance Kingdom technician(s)

Appliance Kingdom reserves the right to limit or refuse to provide  Warranty at its sole discretion. Any Warranty limitations and / or refusals will be communicated to the customer prior to the completion of the repair.